About Us


al·le·gra   əˈleɡr/ă

feminine of allegro; in music: joyful, lively tempo


Allegra Chamber Orchestra upholds the highest standards of professional artistic excellence in its appointment of artists, performance and purpose. The orchestra maintains that a responsibility of artistic endeavour is to provoke creative thought through awareness of–and service to–our world cultural, using music as a bridge to transcend linguistic and societal barriers. Through awareness and service, our orchestra will find deeper meaning in ourselves, in the works we perform, and in the fullness of our communication with the audiences we seek to reach, whenever possible offering inner healing through music. 


Innovation inspires every effort our orchestra attempts.  It is the key to our artistic success as a team, our financial viability and our ability to share with and support our partners and audiences.  Through innovation, we strongly champion the following goals to:

  • Assemble and maintain a professional chamber orchestra comprised of outstanding women musicians who share our vision and mission;
  • Perform exceptional, expansive orchestral works from classical and emerging repertoires;
  • Recognize our responsibility to improve music performance, conducting and composition opportunities for talented women musicians in general, and female First Nations, minority, gender spectrum and disabled musicians specifically;
  • Foster greater participation of young or struggling women in chamber orchestral performance through mentorships in orchestral playing, conducting and composition;
  • Seek partnerships with charitable and other arts organizations that widen the exposure of our orchestra and vision, as well as fulfill our deep commitment to awareness, service, sharing and ongoing support of healing through music;
  • Maintain a strong regimen of fiscal responsibility, understanding that balanced budgets allow our organization maximum outreach and service.